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Deborah A. Kay - B.Mus, B.Ed, M.ED, LL.B, LLM

A Lawyer since 2001, Deborah's passion is to find creative solutions to complex legal problems. Deborah keeps her clients informed about their legal rights, entitlements and obligations that lead to informed decision making.

Deborah founded Kay Law and Mediation in 2008 as owner and principle Lawyer and the firm continues its proud traditions celebrating its 15th year in Stony Plain.

Deborah is a senior member of the Alberta Bar and the Law Society of Alberta and has worked diligently for over two decades as a lawyer in various capacities.

Deborah has recently changed her practicing status to non-practising on June 29, 2023, and continues as a member in good standing with the Law Society of Alberta.

Deborah has been a principal and mentor to many articling students as well as other lawyers in the profession. Deborah has been a member of the ADR Canada as a Chartered Mediator and Qualified Arbitrator and an International Registered Collaborative Family Law Lawyer.

Deborah has represented her clients with compassion and intelligence and by guiding her clients throughout the legal process, has assisting them in the understanding their legal rights, entitlements and obligations, Deborah's clients have felt empowered to seek positive resolutions and make informed decisions. Creative problem solving, considering all available options instead of standing firm in a position, has proven to be successful in hundreds of out-of-court settlements including many complex legal matters.

The firm continues to emphasize this philosophy and has successfully served the clients of Stony Plain, Edmonton and the surrounding areas with this proud tradition. Deborah can be reached at [email protected] for Mediation services, however all clients will be referred to Mr. Zaheer Abbas at [email protected].

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