When faced with an unexpected relationship breakdown that leads to a separation or divorce, you need professional, reliable, experienced advice. Dealing with the emotional issues that may arise with you or your children or the financial strain placed on the family can be overwhelming. There are options for your consideration.

Family Law Services Include

  • Collaborative Family Law

  • Mediation Services

  • Settlement Meetings/ Negotiations of Asset Division

  • Family Applications in either the Provincial Court or Queen’s Bench

  • Litigation of Family Law Matters when matters cannot be resolved

  • Urgent Applications

  • Exclusive Possession of the Family Home

  • Emergency Protection Matters

  • Co-Habitation Agreements

  • Marriage Contracts, both pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements

  • Legal Separation Agreements

  • Child Support

  • Retro-active Child Support

  • Vary Child Support 

  • Parenting Agreements and/or variation of parenting time

  • Spousal Support (Interim, on-going or varying)

  • Divorce  (Statement of Claim, Statement of Defence/ Counterclaim, Request for    Divorce/ Divorce Judgment, Certificate of Divorce)

  • Variation of Legal Separation or Property Agreements

  • Adoptions

  • Family Immigration

  • Guardianship

  • Grandparents visitation and access to Grandchildren

  • Travel Documents

  • Mediation by Deborah Kay